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January 14, 2018 admin
GREEN LANING EXPLORING THE GREEN LANES THAT LITTER THE COUNTRYSIDE AROUND BATH, ENGLAND. The result of a Sunday afternoon of green-laning in the beautiful countryside that surrounds my hometown. Music: Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy 
November 19, 2017 admin
ULTIMATE STANCE My second car show film, this time of Ultimate Stance at the Telford Centre in Shropshire. On the 5th November I attended the Telford Centre for the car show, Ultimate Stance where car owners show off their lowered and customised cars. This was my second show and the vibe of the event was...
October 31, 2017 admin
VOLKSWAGEN Mk1 GOLF G60 THE CLEANEST VOLKSWAGEN GOLF EVER! On Sunday I met with Adam, the owner of this beautiful MK1 Golf. This golf is the most pristine Volkswagen I've ever seen. It's running the Rallye G60 1.8L Supercharged engine which sounds as beautiful as it looks. What a fantastic car!
October 25, 2017 admin
FRANKENSTIEN'S NISSAN SILVIA S14 HALLOWEEN MEETS THE JAPANESE DOMESTIC MARKET IN THIS SPOOKY SHORT To get into the spirit of Halloween I met with a local car enthusiast and Nissan S14 owner to shoot this spooky film. The idea was that the car was similar to Frankenstein's monster because of the mismatched parts. I personally...
October 16, 2017 admin
WESTON BEACH RACE My cinematic interpretation of the Weston Beach Race event. This weekend I attended the Hydrogarden Weston Beach Race. An offroad event where the seafront of Weston Super Mare is turned into a race track. Lots of fast riding and chaos ensued from the get go! Music - Quiet Riot - Bang Your...
October 11, 2017 admin
BMW E28 FEELIN' GOOD CLASSIC BMW'S IN ANCIENT BATH I ventured into bath to meet Charlie, the owner of this lovely BMW E28 and to create a film that juxtaposed the old Bath against the classic BMW. Music: Nina Simone - Feeling Good Intro - BMW